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Oxford and Bermondsey Club
Oxford and Bermondsey Club

Who can apply

You will need to demonstrate that your organisation:

  • Benefits people resident or working in Tower Hamlets and/or Southwark and/or the City of London;
  • Undertakes charitable work (however you do not have to be a registered charity);
  • Has a constitution or a set of rules which governs its activities;
  • Has its own bank or building society account where two or more named people (including one trustee or management committee member) have to sign all the cheques;  
  • Can provide annual accounts for the previous year (If your organisation is new, copies of your most recent bank or building society statements will suffice)

Non-priority areas

We will not support:

  • Grants to individuals
  • Work that has already taken place
  • Applicants who have been rejected by the Trust within the last twelve months
  • Organisations with significant unrestricted reserves¬†
  • Organisations in serious financial deficit
  • The promotion of religion
  • Animal charities
  • Statutory bodies and work that is primarily the responsibility of central or local government
  • Health trusts, health authorities and hospices (or any sort of medical equipment or medical research)
  • Environmental improvements
  • Building restoration or conservation
  • Uniformed youth groups
  • Schools or projects working with schools, supplementary schools or vocational training


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