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The Wakefield and Tetley Trust is an independent charitable trust (Charity Number 1121779). We aim to support charitable activity that will make a positive difference to the lives of people who face significant disadvantage and have limited choices and opportunities, in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Southwark and the City of London.

The appointment of a new Clerk (job-share)

The Trustees of the Wakefield & Tetley Trust are very pleased to announce that, in view of the impending retirement of the Clerk to the Trustees, Mr Roland Smith, they have decided to appoint two job-share partners as Joint Clerks. The job-share partners will be Ms Elaine Crush, who is at present the Grants Officer, and Ms Cherry Bushell. They will also be sharing the job of Secretary to the Tower Hill Trust.

Cherry Bushell has over 20 years' experience across the voluntary sector, and in the past decade has led several charities, with a focus on grant-making and supporting vulnerable people. She has also served as a Trustee of the Wakefield & Tetley Trust, but resigned from that position on being offered the appointment of Joint Clerk. She was chosen from a strong field of candidates after a lengthy and rigorous selection process, involving both the Wakefield & Tetley Trust and the Tower Hill Trust. Ms Bushell and Ms Crush will be taking up their new positions at the end of February, and, after a short handover, Mr Smith will be retiring in early April.

The Chair of the Wakefield & Tetley Trust, Stuart Morganstein, said "Obviously Cherry Bushell is already well known to us, having been a Trustee for some years, but she had to beat some very strong competition to get the job. I am sure she and Elaine Crush will make an excellent team to carry the Trust forward." Susan Wood, the Chair of the Tower Hill Trust, said "The two Trusts have always worked closely together, and I am delighted to say that the choice of Cherry Bushell was a unanimous decision by the representatives of both Trusts".

Our Area of Benefit


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About the Trust

We cover Tower Hamlets, Southwark and the City of London   The Trustees at a review meeting   Sir Charles Wakefield

The Trust can only fund activities that directly benefit people who live or work in our area of benefit. If you are unclear if your project falls within our area of benefit please call the office for advice.

There are nearly 3,000 charities and voluntary organisations operating in our area of benefit and the Trust is only likely to support 20-30 projects each year. If you are interested in applying for a grant please read our current Funding Guidelines and check that you are eligible. The Guidelines can be downloaded here.

The Wakefield and Tetley Trust was created on 1 January 2008 through a merger of two charities – the Charity of Charlotte Tetley in connexion with Toc H, or Tetley Trust, and the Wakefield (Tower Hill Trinity Square) Trust. Information about the history of the Trust and the staff and Trustees can be found here

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